A paean to the lunch hour gym sesh

Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

Eleven oh one: late! yanked
from the zone by dual alarms
snoozed on laptop and phone
! Do Not Skip Self Care !

Fifty nine min remain
to purge from this shell
secret deskwork sins written in
crumb on crumpled wrappers —
instruments of crime uncaught,
slid underhand into wastecans

At five-two stride from locker room.
Crusty Nikes brood in putrid
stink — sprints last week
soaked through socks, testament
to martyr’s commitment

In down-dog begin sweeping stretches
set to tunes crafted for building heat,
on to welded steel tools strapped by
pulley-bound rubber; keep devout
pace, display concentrated face

At fifteen Oh Oh, cool quickly!
Stretch sinews fast, grind meat
on firm ball and foam roll, commit to
flesh prayers for display by day

Smart watch sounds: plastic shackle
counted down the hour, tracked
feet and beats for report to the horde:
Penance paid. May return
to serve from aircon’d seat

Pose for photo proof of day’s duty.
Post to my story with potent quote,
display the badge of social purity;
hope for likes with tightened throat

I’m not trying to sell you anything, so it doesn’t matter what I write here.

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