I’m not trying to sell you anything, so it doesn’t matter what I write here.

A paean to the lunch hour gym sesh

Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

Eleven oh one: late! yanked
from the zone by dual alarms
snoozed on laptop and phone
! Do Not Skip Self Care !

Fifty nine min remain
to purge from this shell
secret deskwork sins written in
crumb on crumpled wrappers —
instruments of crime uncaught,
slid underhand into wastecans

Residents are broadcasting peace and unity from the front porch

The second of Brent Whitman’s weekly Social Distancing Front Porch Raves is planned to be held Saturday afternoon for the Estates at the Windmore neighborhood, within city curfew hours.

The first event was a surprise success, according to resident Rebecca Calloway.

“Brent pumped these amazing Chicago house tracks from the…

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

3 AM again—
do you miss touch yet?

Or are you so far past that memory you don’t care
if you ever feel another’s skin again?

…a new hand sliding up your thigh…

Are you now numb to the sense of goosebumps
awakening delight in the center of your pelvis,
delight that…

Blind to the trauma causing mental health issues, we’re leaving the most vulnerable on their own

Photo: Bim/Getty Images

IIam eating myself again. I started with the fingernails, then the cuticles. Now the mind. I am miserable with need. I hate myself, and that hatred makes me all the needier.

I’m staring at my phone, thumb poised to send a text to 17 people. How much is too much…

David Alan

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